The Steel City Pinball Association launched its annual tournament in the summer of 1998. The original event was small but successful. In 1999, the event was held at the Beehive Coffeehouse in Oakland, and was larger and more rewarding (top prize in the A division was $1185). For the 2000 tournament, we moved to a larger location, obtained sponsorship, developed a new scoring system, established a guaranteed prize package to attract players, and as a result, had a tremendously successful tournament. 2001 brought us to a new location with free parking and less expensive accommodations, allowing us to run the most successful Pinburgh ever! 2002, in the same location, will be even bigger and better.

We welcome and encourage participants from around the world. We are especially hope to attract the international contingent which has visited PAPA and IFPA tournaments in years past. Any player who travels from outside the continental United States to attend Pinburgh 2002 will be given one free entry in the division of their choice!

Beginning in 2002, we are focusing on attracting pinball league players to the tournament. This is a great opportunity to bring your playing skills to a national event, meet and learn from other great players, and generally have a fantastic time with friends.

With your participation as a player, Pinburgh will continue to grow into a larger and more successful event, with more players, more machines, better prizes, and more fun.

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updated January 14, 2002