Pinburgh 2002 was a terrific success, thanks not only to the many wonderful players, but first and foremost to the workers, volunteers, and other contributors who put in their time, patience, and other resources to make the tournament a success.

Our special thanks go first to:

  • Craig B
  • Reid H
  • Brooke P
  • Brett B
  • Gwen S
  • Rob C

We would also like to thank:

  • Nixi C
  • Melea S
  • Tim G
  • PJ
  • Dan W
  • Bob J
  • Tom M
  • Marcie W
  • Stephanie B
  • Erik K
  • Chris C
  • Elizabeth C
  • Phil W
  • Amon H
  • Brian B
  • Trent A
  • Bowen K
  • Wendi J

Thank you also to anyone we failed to mention, as well as everyone who helped in any way with moving, setting up, cleaning up, testing, scorekeeping, repairs, etc.

Last but not least, our sincere thanks to our sponsors and those who donated prizes:

  • pair Networks, Inc
  • Beehive Coffeehouse
  • Stern Pinball

We appreciate everything you've done, and hope you can be a part of next year's tournament as well!

- Kevin, Nancee, and Steve

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updated July 6, 2002